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Nina Kristiina Honkanen lives in Helsinki, Finland with her Czech wife and her son. She is a psychiatrist, EMDR-therapist, supporter of people helping people and a writer. The basis of her work is our body - mind - spirit - wholeness. She has studied The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® in a study group of the Academy For Future Science since 2002.


I have always written something for I am a ponderer. When our son was smaller, he inspired me to invent songs and stories and that´s how the Consciousness Song for Treasure Seekers - poem started forming - in our moments together at bedtime. When I later sat down with the material, it started to lead me away from a children´s story; instead it became Towards the Time of the Golden Light Bird - book for young people and adults.

So, the children´s books are still to be written ... for the time being they are incubating in my heart and mind ...

In the US at the Campus of the Autism Treatment Center of America, where I was with my family learning the child-centered home program of social interaction, the Son-Rise Program®, designed to help families with children in the Autism spectrum.  

My interview about autism (May 6, 2022) in Finnish can still be watched in HealthSummit (TerveysSummit) by purchasing a VIP membership: 

"I Love that´s why

I Am here - now - here Am I

that´s why I Love."



"One is all together in One."


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