#1 Enthusiastic!


I have had my part of the challenges of life, of which the latest one is Rheumatoid Arthritis affecting several joints. It appeared as if "out of the blue" in November 2018. One morning I woke up with my "paws sore", after which I haven´t been able to take even one running step, not to mention to jump or even to walk briskly and things do drop from my hands every day. I have, however, "jumped within" of joy and gratitude many times; namely, I have been so inspired and enthusiastic about my books getting ready to be published in the beginning of 2020!

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word "entheos" meaning the "God within" or being "in God". Isn´t that interesting! When we are truly enthusiastic about something, we may be close to our Divine Purpose, or at least going to the right direction. We should never suppress somebody else´s enthusiasm, on the contrary, rejoice with them. Of course children may need our support, guidance and protection, that is, loving boundaries even when they are enthusiastic. Being enthusiastic is not the same as being overaroused in our autonomic nervous system due to old traumatic experiences being reactivated or being in a "hype" - or in a manic mode, which inevitably leads at some point to the opposite mode or a "crash" if you will.

I remember one moment when I was writing intensively my book Towards the Time of the Golden Light Bird. I was sitting at the desk by the window in our previous flat and all of a sudden I became conscious of all the birds flying crisscross in the courtyard. They were so many, it was extraordinary. I was, however, so enthusiastic and focused that I just continued writing. It didn´t take long before a cute little bird with a yellow stomach, a great tit, flied right in front of me behind the window. It fluttered its wings in such a way that it stayed in place in the air for a while. It looked me in the eye as if it had something to tell me. My heart filled with joy. I stopped writing. I understood there was syncronicity beteen me and the birds while I was writing this book where there is a blue winged Dream bird in a central, albeit background role! The birds "had come to rejoice with me and to honor my story" because in my consciousness I had been attuned to such frequencies of our multidimensional Quantum Consciousness Field, where I was in symphatetic resonance with the Universe and especially with the birds! But it was first the great tit, for me a very beloved bird, that made me realize what was going on behind my window...

Humph..., somebody else could say and it´s o.k. Everybody has the right to think as they do, as far as they treat people with different ideas respectfully. There are a lot of people not yet noticing how the subconscious beliefs we accuired in the past rule our thinking, emotions and actions entirely, until we become aware of their true nature. That´s when we can question and change them - if we want to. We can choose new beliefs instead that serve and elevate us and others. We ourselves give meanings to things and what kind of meanings we give affects directly our whole life and of course the lifes of others around us. Even science is based on beliefs. Believe it or not., but the researcher affects the recearch through his/her beliefs and the publisher of scientific magazines affects what is published through his/her beliefs.

I was enthusiastic and rejoiced! I felt in my whole being there was syncronicity beteen me and  the Universe. Why? Well, I have consciously chosen a realistic but optimistic attitude to this dualistic material "world of dreams" full of challenges and illusions. But at the same time I am aware of my origin being somewhere else, somewhere much greater and more amazing, in a World or a Dimension of Higher Light, where Love, Harmony and Syncronicity are self-evident! Every day I am transforming this lower reality on my journey back to where I came from. And you know, this thought, my origin is in the Higher Light, is the mainstay of my life filling my heart with love and gratitude, making every day a precious gift!