Welcome to my pages!

I am glad you found here.

Our life in this dualistic "world of dreams" with all its illusions is challenging. I believe, however, that a multitude of people is becoming more and more aware of what´s going on; how massively we have been led astray and how we still are led, through diverse methods affecting our minds, away from profound connection to ourselves, to each other, to nature and to our Creator. 

Loving connection is everything. It is the priceless foundation which everything else is built on!

Let´s find our way back there. Let´s get inspired by things that enhance our connection and sense of purpose!

 ... That´s what my books are all about ...

 ... "Breathe beloved child through your heart,

breathe; breathe through your heart,

peace and love to yourself, to all your loved ones,

and to all beings of this world!

The time has come now for the Song

of the Dream bird with wings of blue,

and who is guided to the Dream world is you" ...


Contact information:  info@ninakhkirjat.com